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The popularity of the 6 Carat Lab Grown Diamond

Jewellery has changed with time and one of the latest sensations that has hit the market is lab grown diamonds with emphasis on the 6 carat diamond. That is why, if you have ever asked yourself questions about these incredible sparkling stones, the answers are in the next section. What makes them special? What makes them more different from mined or manufactured diamonds? Now, let me introduce you with the concept of lab grown 6 carat diamond in detail for your better understanding.

Lab grown diamonds: overview

When it comes to lab grown diamonds it may seem today as if it is some sort of a movie creation but it is therefore as real as anything which is on the market today. At present, synthetic diamonds mean those that are grown artificially in a laboratory, but seem to be of the same quality chemically to real diamonds and even in terms of hardness and lustre. Lab Grown diamonds are cultivated in laboratories and not extracted from the ground hence guarantee to be socially sensitive and eco-friendly for anyone willing to associate with diamond products.

Lab Grown Diamond – what does it stand for?

A lab grown 6 carat diamond is a chemically and physically formed artificial stone which is a copy of the originated natural diamond stone by using different laboratory procedures to grow the stone as it does in the natural environmental process. These diamonds like most other Kimberley diamonds are large which makes this particular brand of diamonds to be well preferred for use in production of jewellery. 

Choosing a Lab Grown 6 Carat Diamond – Essential Information

Thereby, be specific and explain why someone would desire a lab grown 6 carat diamond as opposed to a natural one? The reasons are compelling. To begin with, Human made diamonds which are grown in labs costs 30-40% less than the mined diamonds and with innovations the cultured diamonds are increasing at a faster rate to mined diamonds. They all also have the additional advantage of being in compliance with the environment and conflict not involved.

Lab Grown Diamonds Compared to Mining.

In a methodical or general way, it seems very hard to differentiate the lab grown diamond and that mined. Both measures contain the same brilliance, the same fire. However, lab grown diamonds do not have the negative style connected to the actual diamond mining and cutting, including environmental pollution and human right violations.

The Natural Process of Cultivating a 6 Carat Diamond

This compared to growing a diamond in a lab is a task that is accomplished using a lot of technological enhancement and a little bit of time. The approximate time that can be earned varies, ranging from several weeks up to several months including the formation of a 6 carat diamond. The process is done in a very careful manner to be as certain as possible that the diamond has the right quality and size.

Quality and Durability

Another factor that most people do not consider, is that quality wise, lab grown diamonds are on par. It is graded due to the same aspects like mined diamonds- the 4 Cs ( carat, cut, colour and clarity). They also provide the same cut, clarity, colour and brilliance making them ideal for any occasion, casual or formal wear.

Future of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds look even shinier to the future. Given this insightful knowledge, the formant remains optimistic seeing that the use of lab grown diamonds will increase as more consumers learn about them. They embody quality, sophistication, sustainability, and they fully embrace the idea of ethical fashion.


In an era of various ethical decisions and environmental friendliness, the lab grown 6 carat diamond stands out on the shelf. It is created to resemble a classic diamond ring as closely as possible and comes with the added bonus of being non-conventional, sustainable, non-violent and cheaper. Anyone planning for an engagement ring, who would wish to overstate the appearance or anyone who appreciates the sheen of a bigger diamond should consider investing in a 6 carat lab grown diamond.


  1. The main question that rises concerning these kinds of diamonds is, are lab grown diamonds actual diamonds?

Of course, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds since they are made from carbon and heat under great pressure to create a diamond. lustrous particles have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as the mined diamonds.

  1. What percent discount is given by Lab Grown Diamonds over Mined Diamonds?

Now the lab grown diamonds cost 30-40% less than their mined contradictory of similar clarity and carat size.

  1. Can one differentiate between a lab grown diamond and a natural one?

For a really skilled jewellery professional, the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined one is simple to miss and the two will look quite similar and indistinguishable at times to the naked eye.

  1. This paper seeks to answer the following question due to its relevance as a basis for evaluating whether lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly or not?

Yes, it did make me aware of the fact that lab grown diamonds have a tiny imprint on the environment as compared to mined diamonds.

  1. It takes approximately six weeks to grow a 6 carat diamond in a lab to a stage where it is ready for a setting design?

The growth of diamond in a laboratory may take from a few weeks to several months to attain a 6 carat size, depending on the technique applied.



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